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Manufacturer EOS POWER
Category Circuit Protection »  AC-DC Power Supply
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Plug-In Adapter Single-OUT 15V 3.67A 65W

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Our Process: Preparation

Once you accept your quote and confirm your order, we prepare by retrieving related parts and components from our inventory. Anything we do not currently have in stock is sourced.

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Upon receipt, all parts are visually inspected for damage and then photographed to document their condition. Parts acquired from vendors must meet our quality standards.

Our Process: Initial Testing
Initial Testing

Industrial computer boards and other parts we are equipped to evaluate are tested to verify functionality and discover possible damage.

Our Process: Refurbishment

Industrial computer boards have all components with low MTBF numbers (such as capacitors and connectors) replaced and are washed in our PCB cleaner to remove dust and grime.

Our Process: Repair

Industrial computer boards are fully diagnosed and repaired by our engineers. Logs of the problems encountered and solutions implemented are recorded.

Our Process: Final Testing
Final Testing

Industrial computer boards have all I/O connections rigorously tested to ensure that everything is working properly before the board is certified as ready to ship.

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After photos are taken to document the exterior condition of the part, it is packaged and sent to the customer. ESD-safe materials are used to protect sensitive equipment on its journey.

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Do you need a LFMVC65NR15ESAMPLE? We can help you find it at a competitive price!


Manufacturer EOS Power
Manufacturers Part # LFMVC65NR15ESAMPLE
Industry Aliases MVC65NR15ESAMPLE, LFMVC65NR15E
Factory Pack Quantity 1


Download "MVC65.pdf" (612 KiB)

Extracted Text

LFMVC65 Series Features l Medical Safety approvals l Low Leakage current l EN55022-B, CISPR22-B FCC Part15, Level B Noise l 12 mm creepage and clearance l Class 1 product Electrical Specifications AC Input 90-264 V, Universal Input Frequency 47-63 Hz Input Current 120 VAC: 1.4 A max. 230 VAC: 0.7 A max. Inrush Current 120 VAC: Limited to safe value 230 VAC: Limited to safe value Leakage Current 120 VAC: < 140 µA 230 VAC: < 250 µA Efficiency 120 VAC: 78% typical 230 VAC: 80% typical Hold-up Time 120 VAC: 10 ms 230 VAC: 10 ms Output Power 55 to 65 W Line Regulation +/-0.5% Load Regulation +/-5.0% Transient Response < 5%; load change from 10% to 100%, 100 Hz, 50% duty cycle, 0.1 A/µs, recovery time < 5 ms Rise Time < 100 ms Set Point Accuracy +/-5% Turn-on delay < 1 s Over Current Protection Autorecovery Over Voltage Protection Redundant feedback type Short Circuit Protection Short term, autorecovery Switching Frequency 66 kHz typical Isolation Voltage Min. 5700 VDC between input to output, 2MOPP (pending); 1500 VAC between input to earth, 1MOPP; 500 VAC output to earth Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C Relative Humidity 95% Rh, noncondensing MTBF 1.61m Hours, Telcordia SR332 Issue-3 Cooling Convection 1 Innovations in Power 4EM-15-062 39-DE60-42963-002 / B Model Number Case Type Voltage Max. Load Min. Load Ripple LFMVC65NR12E NR 12 V 4.58 A 0.0 A < 2% LFMVC65NR15E NR 15 V 3.67 A 0.0 A < 2% LFMVC65NR19E NR 19 V 3.42 A 0.0 A < 2% LFMVC65NR24E NR 24 V 2.70 A 0.0 A < 2% LFMVC65NR48E NR 48 V 1.35 A 0.0 A < 2% Notes 1. Ripple is peak to peak with 20 MHz bandwidth and 10 µF (Tantalum capacitor) in parallel with a 0.1 µF capacitor at rated line voltage and load ranges. 2. Specifications are for nominal input voltage, 25°C and max. load unless otherwise stated. 3. Derate output power linearly to 80% from 90 VAC to 80 VAC input. Derating Curve 163 4EM-15-062 39-DE60-42963-002 / B Mechanical Specifications AC Input Connector IEC60320-C14 DC Output Connector Right angle plug; ID: 2.54 mm, OD: 5.54 mm Barrel length: 9.6 mm. Center positive polarity Cable length: 40 inches Dimensions 5.236 x 2.283 x 1.574 inches (133.0 x 58.0 x 40.0 mm) Weight 340 g EMC CE Mark Complies with LVD and EMC Directives Conducted Emissions EN55022-B, CISPR22-B, FCC PART15 Class -B, EN50082-1, EN60601-1-2 Static Discharge EN61000-4-2, Level-3 RF Field Susceptibility EN61000-4-3, Level-3 Fast Transients/Bursts EN61000-4-4, Level-3 Radiated Emissions EN55022-B, CISPR22-B, FCC PART15-B Surge Susceptibility EN61000-4-5, Level-3 Safety Safety Standard(s) IEC60601-1 (ed.3 with RM pending), EN60601-1, UL60601-1 (1st Edition), CSA C22.2 N0. 601 Class 1 SELV Approval Agency Nemko, UL, C-UL (Recognized Comp) Safety File Number(s) Nemko: P06205782/A1 UL: E173812 3 Innovations in Power 4EM-15-062 39-DE60-42963-002 / B Mechanical Drawing 165 4EM-15-062 39-DE60-42963-002 / B

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