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160 W, Single Output, 5.1 VDC@25 A AC-DC Power Supply

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Circuit Protection »  AC-DC Power Supply



SL Power

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Factory Pack Quantity


Cooling Method

Air-Cooled, Convection


7.00 x 4.50 x 1.70"

Mechanical Style

Open / Enclosed Frame



Number of Outputs


Operating Temperature

0 to + 50°C

Output Amps 1

25 A

Output Voltage V1 Nominal

5.1 VDC


160 W


AC-DC Power Supply


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241 KiB

Extracted Text

GPFC160 Commercial 160 Watt Global Performance Switchers FEATURES: 3.0 watts/cu.in. power density Compact size (4.5" x 7.0" x 1.7"; meets 1U height) Power factor corrected to IEC 1000-3-2; Class A Less than 300 µA leakage EMI compliance to CISPR22, FCC Class B Commercial Approved to UL1950, IEC950, EN60950 and CSA 22.2 No. 950 2-year warranty marked to LVD SPECIFICATIONS: Ac Input Input Protection 85-264 Vac, 47-63 Hz single phase. Internal ac fuse provided on all models. Fuse does not blow on overload or short circuit—fuse blows only if Input Current catastrophic failure occurs in the unit. Maximum input current 2.3 A at 90 Vac, 60 Hz with full rated load. Input current harmonic content meets the Inrush Current requirements of IEC1000-3-2. Inrush 240 Vac is less than 37 A, averaged over the first ac half-cycle under cold start conditions. Limiting pro- Hold-upTime vided by internal thermistors. 25 ms minimum from loss of ac input at full load, nominal line (115 Vac). Fan Output An additional 12 Vdc, 250 mA output suitable for power- Output Power ing a dc fan is included in all models. The output is Total regulation is the maximum deviation from the protected by an internal PTC in the event of an overload. nominal voltage for all steady-state loading conditions. Each individual output is to be used within its specified Thermal Shutdown limits of that output. Peak ratings are for 60 s maximum Provided as a standard feature. Designed to protect the duration, 10% duty cycle. unit from prolonged over temperature. Overload Protection Power Fail Fully protected against short circuit and output overload. TTL or CMOS compatible output goes low (<0.5 V) 8 ms Short circuit protection is cycling type power limit. before output voltage drops more than 4% below nominal Recovery after fault is automatic. voltage upon loss of ac power. The signal is factory set to trip when input power can no longer sustain the output. Output Noise 0.5% rms, 1% pk-pk, 20 MHz Bandwidth, differential Temperature Coefficient mode. Measured with noise probe directly across output 0.03%/°C typical on all outputs. terminals of the power supply. EMI/EMC Compliance Transient Response All models include built-in EMI filtering to meet the 500 ms typical response time for return to within 0.5% of following emissions requirements: final value for a 50% load step change, Δi/Δt< 0.2 A/ms. EMI SPECIFICATIONS COMPLIANCE LEVEL Maximum voltage deviation is 3.5%. Conducted Emissions EN55022 Class B; FCC Class B Static Discharge EN61000-4-2, 6 kV contact, 8 kV air Remote Sense RF Field Susceptibility EN61000-4-3, 3 V/meter Provided as a standard feature. Capable of compensating Fast Transients/Bursts EN61000-4-4, 2 kV, 5 kHz for 0.25 V total of cabling losses. Surge Susceptibility EN61000-4-5, 1 kV diff., 2 kV com. Overvoltage Protection Commercial Safety Built in on all models. OVP crowbar reduces output Approved to UL1950, CSA22.2 950, IEC950, and voltage below nominal rating in less than 50 ms. EN60950. UL file #E135803 commercial; CSA #LR46516. The output(s) are intended for safety earthed Signal Voltage Adjustment Output and Intermediate Circuits only. All dc outputs are Main output ±5%. SELV under normal and single fault conditions. Condor D.C. Power Supplies, Inc., 2311 Statham Parkway, Oxnard, CA 93033 800-235-5929 • 805-486-4565  FAX 805-487-8911  www.condorpower.com 62 GPFC160 Commercial 160 Watt Single Output Output Output Model Output No. Output Maximum (A) Peak (B) OVP Setpoint Ripple & Noise GPFC160-5 1V5A .1 2A 5 3V 1.3 6% .2 ± 0.6 1 GPFC160-12 1V1A 2 1A 1.7 1V 3.3 1% 4 ± 1.1 1 GPFC160-15 1V1A 5 9A .3 1V 0.7 1% 8.5 ± 1.5 1 GPFC160-24 1V2A 4 5A .8 6V .7 2% 8 ± 2.5 1 GPFC160-28 1V2A 8 5A5V .7 3% 4 ± 2.8 1 GPFC160-48 1V4A 8 2A .9 3V .4 5% 5 ± 4.0 1 A. Output rating with unrestricted convection cooling. B. Output rating with 26 cfm airflow. GPFC160 MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Environmental Operating Non-operating Specification o o T0 emperature (A) 0 to 5C5 -40 to +8 C HH umidity (A)0H to 95% R 0 to 95% R A. Units should be allowed to warm up/operate under non-condensing conditions before application of power. Derated output current and total output power by Sg hock (B) 20 40 g pk pk 2.5% per 50ºC. At ltitude-t 500 to 10,000 f -500 to 40,000 f B. Random vibration—10 to 2000Hz, 6dB/octave roll-off from 350 to 2000Hz, 3 orthogonal axes. Tested for 10 min./axis operating and 1 hr./axis non-operating. 2 2 Vg ibration (C) 1.5 , 0.003 g/g Hz 5 , 0.026 g /Hz C. Shock testing—half-sinusoidal, 10 ± 3 ms duration, ± direction, 3 orthogonal axes, rms rms total 6 shocks. Condor D.C. Power Supplies, Inc., 2311 Statham Parkway, Oxnard, CA 93033 800-235-5929  805-486-4565  FAX 805-487-8911  www.condorpower.com 63

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The warranty we offer will be based on what we negotiate with our suppliers. Sometimes, a part will be sold as-is and without a warranty. We usually offer a one-year warranty for single board computers in particular because they are our specialty.

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Electronics Finder will definitely serve you. We work with international clients all the time, which means we are regularly shipping goods all across the globe.

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