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FA2J Series Programmable Logic Controllers Flat-Pak Modular Key features of the FA2J ţat-pack modular include: • 6ms/K processing • Up to 128 inputs, 128 outputs • DC inputs, relay or transistor outputs • Low proŢle for shallow panels • 8-bit or 12-bit analog input, multiplexer • Replaceable relays • Memory: 1K, 4K • High-speed counter • Computer link, networking UL Listed File No. E102542 CSA CertiŢed File No. LR66809 Programming Boolean or ladder logic Available Instructions 15 basic, 57 advanced instructions [FA1J: 27 advanced instructions] Capacity 964 steps (1K memory) 3,300 steps (4K memory) Memory 1K, 4K CMOS-RAM (with battery) 4K EEPROM Processing 6ms per 1K (basic instructions) [FA1J: 32ms per 1K] Input 128 points (maximum) Output 128 points (maximum) Total I/O 256 points (maximum) Internal Relay 608 points (240 can be maintained) [FA1J: 240 points; all can be maintained] J Special I/R 16 points Shift Register 128 points (all can be maintained) Single Shot Output 96 points 10ms Timer 80 points, subtracting, 0 to 999.9s 80 points [FA1J: not available] Counter 45 points, adding, 0 to 9,999 (all can be maintained) Reversible Counter 2 points (all can be maintained) Data Register 400 points (all can be maintained) [FA1J: 100 points; all can be maintained] Computer Interface RS-232 link adaptor External Control Start: input 0; Stop and reset: function settings Power Failure Protection Internal relay, shift register, counter, reversible counter, data register Diagnostics CPU error (WDT), communication error, CRC error in user programs, operation code error Auto Start After power-up, automatic run state using function setting 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz; Allowable: 85 to 110% of rated voltage; Rated Voltage 24V DC ±20% (ripple 10% maximum) Dielectric Strength Between power or I/O terminal and ground: 1,500V AC, 1 minute (500V AC for analog lines) Insulation Resistance Between power or I/O terminal and ground: 10MΩ (500V DC megger) Temperature Operating: 0 to +55°C; Storage: – 20 to +70°C Operating Humidity 45 to 85% RH (avoid condensation) Vibration Resistance 2G, 1 hour in each of 3 axes Shock Resistance 10G Noise Resistance Between power or I/O terminal and ground: ±1.3kV p-p, 1µs (1kV DC pulse generator) Ground Resistance 100Ω (maximum) Mounting Style Panel mount J-40 www.idec.com USA: (800) 262-IDEC or (408) 747-0550, Canada: (888) 317-IDEC Programmable Logic Controllers Specifications Programmable Logic Controllers Programmable Logic Controllers FA2J Series Part Numbers: FA2J Item Description Part Number AC FA2J CPU; power: 100 to 240V AC PF2J-CPU1E CPU DC FA2J CPU; power: 24V DC PF2J-CPU1DCE AC Internal power supply for I/O expansion (100 to 240V AC) PFJ-PS1 DC Internal power supply for I/O expansion (24V DC) PFJ-PS1DC Power External External power supply for DC inputs, sensors (24V DC/0.5A) PFJ-PU2 Base Plate For installing two I/O modules PFJ-EB1 Mount CPU or expansion power, plus “piggyback” mounting PFJ-DP1 Expansion capacity for two I/O modules (order one PFJ-EB1 separately) Double-Stack Expansion Mount two I/O modules, plus “piggyback” mounting capacity PFJ-DP2 for two more I/O modules (order two PFJ-EB1s parts separately) Transistor (source) 24V DC NPN transistor inputs PFJ-N081 8-Point DC Transistor (sink) 24V DC PNP transistor inputs PFJ-N082 100 to 120V AC inputs, standard response PFJ-N083 100V AC 100 to 120V AC inputs, fast response PFJ-N083A 8-Point AC Input 200 to 240V AC inputs, standard response PFJ-N084 200V AC 200 to 240V AC inputs, fast response PFJ-N084A 24V DC NPN transistor inputs PFJ-N161 Transistor (source) 5V DC NPN transistor inputs PFJ-N161A 16-Point DC Transistor (sink) 24V DC PNP transistor inputs PFJ-N162 0 to 10V DC inputs, 8-bit resolution, fast response PFJ-N012 Voltage 0 to 10V DC inputs, 8-bit resolution, standard response PFJ-N012A 8-Bit 4 to 20mA DC inputs, 8-bit resolution, fast response PFJ-N013 Current Analog 4 to 20mA DC inputs, 8-bit resolution, standard response PFJ-N013A Input 0 to 10V DC analog input, 1 point, 12-bit resolution PFJ-N112A Voltage 1 to 5V DC analog input, 1 point, 12-bit resolution PFJ-N113A 12-Bit Current 4 to 20mA DC analog input, 1 point, 12-bit resolution PFJ-N114A 12-Bit Voltage Analog multiplexer module, 4 points, voltage PFJ-4MPV Multiplexer Analog Input Current Analog multiplexer module, 4 points, current PFJ-4MPI Relay 1NO contact, rated load 110V AC, 5A; 220V AC, 2A PFJ-T081 8-Point Transistor (sink) Rated load 12 to 48V DC, 1A per point PFJ-T082 SSR Rated load 100 to 240V AC 1A per point PFJ-T083 Rated load 12 to 28V DC, 0.5A per point PFJ-T162 Transistor (sink) Output Rated load 5 to 12V DC, 20mA per point PFJ-T162A 16-Point Transistor Rated load 12 to 28V DC, 50mA per point PFJ-T162B Transistor (source) Rated load 12 to 28V DC, 0.5A per point PFJ-T162C J Voltage 0 to 10V DC output, 8-bit resolution PFJ-T012 Analog Current 4 to 20mA DC output, 8-bit resolution PFJ-T013 Loader Program loader with built-in PROM burner 59" (1.5m) — PF3S-HL161E Program Loader Extension Cable not included with program loader PFA-1A11 4K EEPROM (compatible with FA3S) PFA-1M14 Memory Packs 1K CMOS-RAM (compatible with FA3S) PFA-1M21 (see details on page J-42) 4K CMOS-RAM (compatible with FA3S) PFA-1M24 Single-phase, for high-frequency inputs PFA-N011A High Performance Input High-Speed Counter Two-phase, for quadrature rotary encoder inputs PFA-N011B Occupies unused slot on base plate PFJ-DM Blank Module Link adaptor for 1:1 communications to IBM-compatible PC PF2-CLA Computer Interface Link cable, FA series CPU to link adapter 12” (300mm) PFA-1A51 (all 3 parts required) Link cable, PC to link adapter, 78.74” (2m) PFA-1A54A Windows-based programming software for all IDEC PLCs (for Software WINDLDR more information, see page J-44) User’s Manual FA2J EM325-0 8 Bit Analog I/O Manual EM049 User’s Manuals 12 Bit Analog Input Manual EM225 www.idec.com USA: (800) 262-IDEC or (408) 747-0550, Canada: (888) 317-IDEC J-41

Frequently asked questions

How does Electronics Finder differ from its competitors?

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Electronics Finder' parent company, GID Industrial, specializes in procuring industrial parts. We know where to find the rare and obsolete equipment that our customers need in order to get back to business. We stand apart from our competition through our commitment to quality, and look forward to the opportunity to show you how.

Is there a warranty for the PFA-1A51?

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The warranty we offer will be based on what we negotiate with our suppliers. Sometimes, a part will be sold as-is and without a warranty. We usually offer a one-year warranty for single board computers in particular because they are our specialty.

Which carrier will Electronics Finder use to ship my parts?

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We use FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. We have accounts with each of them and generally ship using one of those, but we can also ship using your account if you would prefer. We are able to ship with other carriers if you would find it more convenient.

Can I buy parts from Electronics Finder if I am outside the USA?

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Electronics Finder will definitely serve you. We work with international clients all the time, which means we are regularly shipping goods all across the globe.

Which payment methods does Electronics Finder accept?

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Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted by Electronics Finder. We will also accept payment made with wire transfer or PayPal. Checks will only be accepted from customers in the USA. Terms may be offered (upon approval) for larger orders.

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One of our top priorities is maintaining our business with precision, and we are constantly looking for affiliates that can help us achieve our goal. With the aid of GID Industrial, our obsolete product management has never been more efficient. They have been a great resource to our company, and have quickly become a go-to supplier on our list!

Bucher Emhart Glass


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With our strict fundamentals and high expectations, we were surprised when we came across GID Industrial and their competitive pricing. When we approached them with our issue, they were incredibly confident in being able to provide us with a seamless solution at the best price for us. GID Industrial quickly understood our needs and provided us with excellent service, as well as fully tested product to ensure what we received would be the right fit for our company.



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Our company provides services to aid in the manufacture of technological products, such as semiconductors and flat panel displays, and often searching for distributors of obsolete product we require can waste time and money. Finding GID Industrial proved to be a great asset to our company, with cost effective solutions and superior knowledge on all of their materials, it’d be hard to find a better provider of obsolete or hard to find products.

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Over the years, the equipment used in our company becomes discontinued, but they’re still of great use to us and our customers. Once these products are no longer available through the manufacturer, finding a reliable, quick supplier is a necessity, and luckily for us, GID Industrial has provided the most trustworthy, quality solutions to our obsolete component needs.

Nidec Vamco


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This company has been a terrific help to us (I work for Trican Well Service) in sourcing the Micron Ram Memory we needed for our Siemens computers. Great service! And great pricing! I know when the product is shipping and when it will arrive, all the way through the ordering process.

Trican Well Service


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When I can't find an obsolete part, I first call GID and they'll come up with my parts every time. Great customer service and follow up as well. Scott emails me from time to time to touch base and see if we're having trouble finding something.....which is often with our 25 yr old equipment.

ConAgra Foods

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