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0479480001 Antenna Omni-Directional 3dB Gain 2483.5MHz SMD Reel 0479480001 MOLEX Request Quote
0479500001 Antenna Stand Alone 4.6dB Gain 2500MHz/5850MHz Automotive Tray 0479500001 MOLEX Request Quote
0479502001 Antenna Stand Alone 5.9dB Gain 2500MHz/5850MHz Automotive Tray 0479502001 MOLEX Request Quote
1052620001 Antenna ISM Band 1.4dBi Gain 870MHz/928MHz Tray MOLEX Request Quote
1052620002 Antenna ISM Band 1.3dBi Gain 870MHz/928MHz Tray MOLEX Request Quote
1052620003 Antenna ISM Band 1.2dBi Gain 870MHz/928MHz Tray MOLEX Request Quote
1513150-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11b 4.5dB Gain 2500MHz Bag/Box 1513150-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513151-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11b 4dB Gain 2500MHz 1513151-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513156-1 Antenna Single Band 1dB Gain 928MHz T/R 1513156-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513157-1 Antenna 0dB Gain 960MHz 3-Pin Bag 1513157-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513164-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11a/b/g/n 4dB Gain 2483.5MHz/5875MHz T/R 1513164-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513165-1 Antenna GSM 1dB Gain 960MHz 3-Pin Bag 1513165-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513168-1 Antenna Single Band 0dB Gain 928MHz 3-Pin Bag 1513168-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513169-1 Antenna Single Band 2dB Gain 894MHz 3-Pin Bag 1513169-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513247-1 Antenna Dual Band 3dB Gain 894MHz/1990MHz 3-Pin Bag 1513247-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513259-1 Antenna Omni-Directional 1dBi Gain 960MHz/1990MHz Bag/Box 1513259-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513273-1 Antenna Omni-Directional 2dB Gain 960MHz/1990MHz Bag 1513273-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513317-1 Antenna Omni-Directional 3dB Gain 960MHz/2170MHz Bag 1513317-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513349-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11b/g 0dB Gain 2483.5MHz T/R 1513349-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513353-1 Antenna Single Band 2dB Gain 2483.5MHz 2-Pin Bag 1513353-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513381-1 Antenna Single Band 4dB Gain 3000MHz Bag 1513381-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513430-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11b/g 0dB Gain 2483.5MHz 1513430-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513431-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11b/g 0dB Gain 2483.5MHz T/R 1513431-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513434-1 Antenna Omni-Directional 1dB Gain 960MHz/1880MHz 3-Pin Bag 1513434-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513472-5 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11a/b/g/n 3dB Gain 2483.5MHz/5875MHz Bag/Box 1513472-5 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513504-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11b/g 2dB Gain 2483.5MHz T/R 1513504-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513634-1 Antenna Single Band 1585MHz T/R 1513634-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
1513797-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11b/g 1dB Gain 2483.5MHz SMD Module T/R 1513797-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
2118016-1 Antenna Bluetooth 802.11a/b/g/n 2dB Gain 2483.5MHz/5875MHz Bag 2118016-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
2118059-1 Antenna Omni-Directional 4dB Gain 3800MHz Bag 2118059-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
2118060-1 Antenna Omni-Directional 2dB Gain 3800MHz/5875MHz Bag/Box 2118060-1 TE CONNECTIVITY Request Quote
2313371 Antenna Omni-Directional 5dBi Gain 2313371 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2701093 Module 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz/5GHz PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2701408 Antenna 2.5dBi/5dBi Gain 2400MHz/5000MHz PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2701416 Interface Modules FL BT EPA MP PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2708902 Antenna Omni-Directional 1dB Gain 1800MHz 2708902 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2737999 Interface Modules FL BLUETOOTH AP 2737999 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2814252 MCR loop powered isolators, for analog signal isolation, with unconfigured input, output signal: 4-20 mA" 2814252 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2835448 RF Isolator And Circulator 2835448 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2835464 RF Isolator And Circulator 2835464 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2835587 Ex-i motherboard to accept 16 x PI-Ex-i isolator modules (PI-Ex- ), three terminal points for the field side for every m... PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867160 Antenna Omni-Directional 0dB Gain 2867160 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867199 Antenna Omni-Directional 7dB Gain 2867199 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867209 Antennas RADISM900 ANT YAGI6 2867209 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867461 Antenna Omni-Directional 2dB Gain 2400MHz 2867461 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867584 Antenna Omni-Directional 2867584 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867610 Antenna Panel 8dBi Gain 2800MHz 2867610 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867623 Antenna Omni-Directional 2867623 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867791 Antenna Omni-Directional 928MHz 2867791 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
2867801 Antenna Panel 5dB Gain 2867801 PHOENIX CONTACT Request Quote
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